VROR and i-Care

Eye Healthcare Solutions for Everyone and Everywhere
Digitalization of test results


Consistent and reliable examination results can be implemented through scientific measurement methods

Replacing Analog Inspection Equipment and High-Value Equipment (Visual Field Inspection Unit)

 Providing methods for predicting and analyzing patient’s condition using accumulated data

Establishment of DB type reflecting the requirement of medical staff and making it easy to anayze in time

Utilizing Big Data as possibility of disease development

Fun video inspection Protocol

Fun inspection protocols to draw active participation during inspection

Exclusion of the subjective elements of the inspector as much as possible for the inspection data

Improved medical reliability by providing accurate data

If the testee is an infant, provide VR cotents to attract attention

ThroughVR HMD enables long term inspection

Integrated Solution


Providing integrated examination including brain disease

EMO(Extraocular Muscle, stereopsis,Lancaster inspections can be provided quickly

quantified data and make a quick and accurate judgment by comparing each examination result in one place

Application can be extended to the field of nerology in future opthalmology

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VROR Medical develop
Young-Woo Suh, MD, PhD


Korea University professor Seo Yeong Woo, core patents have been applied for using VR ophthalmic examination and Active support for the academic and clinical professionalism