WHAT IS VROR & i-Care ?

Clears the high entry barrier to ophthal examinations, and it's easy for anyone to do it. 
Developing affordable, easy-to-access medical examination services and ultimately providing therapeutic benefits.

Total Solution Provider

VROR (Virtual Reality Ophthal Room)


Using VR HMD(head mounted display), Eye tracking sensor’s bio data accurate inspection resultA new concept of ophthalmic inspection equipment   
Downscaled equipment
It can dramatically improve the accuracy of the assessment.

Digitalization of test results

Fun inspection protocols to draw active participation during inspection

Integrated Solution by exam can be implemented



M2S developed digital healthcare solution version, leveraging the algorithms from VROR

Digital healthcare products that anyone can easily check their eye health

7 tests that we usually need to check are provided by HMD wearing test and results at once <20 seconds ~ 1 minute for each test>
Providing services such as treatment information, connecting hospitals, and finding nearby hospitals according to test results