We provide high quality special effects (VFX) production and computer graphics designs.
We devoted in new media contents  such as  Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)
We are pioneering new fields on medical health care service  by using VR. 

We have the best creative directors, designers, programmers, artists in Korea,
With medical doctors


CEO   Tae-Hwi Lee

1996~2003  producing director of CGI corp.

2003~2016  SeoulVision corp. director

2016~2017  vice president of Fireworks corp.


  • 링크드 인 사회 아이콘

2001~2003     Zero one pictures corp.

2003~2016     SeoulVision corp. head of dept.

2016~2017     Fireworks corp. director

COO   Seok NamKoong

  • 페이스 북 사회 아이콘

CFO   Jong-ho RYU

1986~1995   Manager, Daewoo Co., Ltd.

1996~1999   Comtech corp. director

1999~present  president of NaturalMade corp.



CTO   Kang-sup Byun

2008~2015  Seoul National University Researcher

2015~2018  ETRI Researcher

2018~2019  Director of Osstem Implant Co., Ltd


Medical Doctor

Medical Advisory Yeong Wook Yoon

2015~2019       Dean of Research Academic Affairs,

                         Korea University

2019~present   Dean of the School of Medicine,

                         Korea University

2020~present   M2S medical advisory


Medical advice Byung Jo Kim

1986~1997      Korea University neurology doctor

2018~present  Korea University center

                        vice president

2017~present  M2S medical advisory


Medical develop Yeong Woo SEO

2001~2009       Korea University medical doctor

2014~present   Korea University Ansan center

                         Ophthalmology head

2017~present   VROR advisor

  • 페이스 북 사회 아이콘